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Quri Origin Story Part II: Why Quinoa?

A question that I get asked a lot is, “Why quinoa?”

If you saw my last video, you would know that I fell in love with the country of Peru and I wanted to open up a distillery!

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Peru is the most bio-diverse country in the world with a robust agricultural abundance with untapped potential.

So, I Started Experimenting...

I was living at the time with my soon-to-be wife and her sisters in a tiny little apartment. Every day, I would go into the kitchen and cook the entire day using all four burners. I would laud everything in the living room, and ferment in the bedroom. There were 20-30 fermenters in our bedroom at any given time. Every night you would hear the bubble of the fermenters like a lullaby.

God bless my wife and her family for putting up with me.

I would distill on the roof at the end of every day. I had a giant tank of water that I would run an aquarium pump to cool the distiller. It was pretty wild.

I would say in all, we probably ran around 300 experiments.

The Results Were Amazing, But Quinoa Really Stood Out

Quinoa represented Peru. Being a national grain of theirs, and quinoa being from Peru and Bolivia originally. So we decided that’s what we’d go with, and it sounds crazy, but 90-95% of vodkas are made out of four grains (corn, rye, barley, wheat).

In order for our product to stand out in the market, we needed to present it in a unique and completely different way.

A lot of people say, “Vodka all tastes the same,” and that may be true because they are coming from all traditional grains used in vodka, but Quri vodka stands out.

Its robust flavor has won awards in every contest we’ve entered (we’ve even been given a 92 point rating).

Part III of the Quri Origin Story coming soon!

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