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Imperfect Food's L.A. Waste Week Press Release

Updated: May 23


Imperfect Food Kicks Off Week-Long Event with a Sustainable VIP Cocktail Hour

Los Angeles, CA., March 28, 2022- Quri Vodka, a multi-award-winning Quinoa

Peruvian vodka with a mission to better the lives of the people of the Andes, in

partnership with Punch+Co will participate in this year’s Imperfect Food event in Los

Angeles, CA March 28-April 1. Imperfect Foods, the online grocer building a kinder, less

wasteful food system, will host the first-ever LA Food Waste Week designed to raise

awareness of a broken food system through activations, panel discussions, workshops,

and demos designed to start the conversation around food waste at a local level to help

solve a global problem.

The brand will pop up at The Rose Room in Venice Beach, along with LA area’s top

restaurants in an effort to save 1,000 lbs of food from going to waste in the Los Angeles

area. Participating restaurants will create special waste-fighting dishes by incorporating

recovered produce or grocery items from Imperfect Foods that would otherwise go to

waste. Imperfect Foods will donate $5 to the The Hollywood Food Coalition for every

meal sold at participating restaurants to help under-resourced communities across LA.

Punch+Co, the first of its kind, punch cocktail catering company in LA, will be serving a

Pear + Lemon sustainable cocktail made with Quri Vodka at the Inaugural VIP Night

taking place Monday, March 28 from 5pm-7pm at The Rose Room, 6 Rose Ave.

Cocktail hours will be followed by a conversation about Sustainability and Social Media


Quri Vodka’s distinct flavor of this premium quinoa vodka has already put it on the map

with a 92-point rating from NY spirits Comp, a gold medal win at the 2020 China Wine

and Spirits Awards, the largest such competition in Hong Kong/China. Quri also won

silver medals in USA Spirits Ratings, the 2020 New York International Spirits

Competition and the 2020 Bartender Spirits Awards. In addition, Quri also won Peruvian

Distillery of the Year at the New York International Spirits Competition.

Quri Vodka is dedicated to helping the communities of the Andes which is why it has

pledged to donate 5% of its net profits to Peruvian Hearts, a non-profit organization that

helps young women in the Andes gain access to quality education, access to safe living

conditions, healthy food, success coaching and of course education from youth all the

way through college.

Quri Vodka is now available for sale at www.QuriVodka.com starting at $34.99 USD for

a single bottle or in bundles of 2 ($69.98), 3 (104.97) and 6 ($159.99). Journalists

interested in attending the event or want more information about Quri Vodka please

contact Gina Boubel at gina@qurivodka.com.

About Quri Vodka

QURI is an award-winning premium Peruvian vodka made with quinoa sourced from a

single-family farm (resting in the shadows of the glacier covered Andes that trickle into

Lake Titicaca and a dormant volcano) and ancient Andean glacier water filtered through

volcanic stone made in micro-45-gallon batches. The spirit of QURI vodka is one of

respect. Respect for the people and land that have been producing the greatest quinoa

in the world for over 5,000 years. And respect for the painstaking process of distilling

fine premium spirits. Quri is the love of a people, so we’ve pledged 5% of net profits to

help impoverished young women receive support to survive and thrive from the daily

necessities to education all the way through university; one girl at a time.

About Punch and Company

Punch + Co is a turn-key cocktail event production company that began its humble

beginnings in 2018 in sunny Los Angeles by a couple of hospitality forward-thinkers who

wanted to help shape cocktail culture for tomorrow's consumer through engaging

education and the most artistic, personalized, cocktail experiences imaginable. With a

cumulative 30 years of working in every sector of the food and beverage service

industry and staying fully immersed in cocktail culture, Punch + Co has a knack of

facilitating premier guest experiences and offering valuable insight into modern-day

consumers' cravings. Punch + Co has become a trusted ambassador for global brands,

fostering authentic engagement through education and creative activation.

Punch + Co understands how the right beverage experience can transform even the

most mundane event into something magical and unforgettable. Each event is special

whether it be a wedding, a corporate event, a product launch or a gala, and our

signature cocktails can help tell your story. If you'd like to learn more please

visit www.punchandcompany.com as well as follow them on IG: @punchco to see how

you can make your next event memorable!

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