Our Spirit in a Bottle

Design Concept

The Name


High in the Andes of South America Quinoa is celebrated as Muru Quri, which means the Golden Grain in the ancient language of Quechua (now only spoken by a handful of people who live deep in the Mountains). This is where our Vodka gets its name QURI (signifying gold in Quechua).  

The Gold Lace


It is the idea that Quinoa is as precious as gold, which is why we have laced our bottle in beautiful shining gold.  The rays and dots covering your bottle of Quri are derived from the ancient accounting system, Quipu.  Quipus were a number of strings tied to a central knot.  Depending on which string the knot was placed, its distance from the center, its size and how it was tied determined its numeric value.  

Huáscar Atahualpa
The Q

Inkan Jewlery

Although today we call the colonized Peruvian Civilization the Inkas there was actually only one Inka, the equivalent to an emperor in Europe. The Inka was know to wear highly crafted gold and silver jewelry. The Q in Quri is modeled after one set of these beautifully crafted earrings the Inka were known to adorn.

The Colors

Volcanic Stone & Gold

In the final steps of perfecting Quri Vodka we filter through Volcanic Stone. Volcanic stone is known to purify water and vodka. We have painted our bottle Matte Black to represent this final process.

Quri is Gold in in Quechua a language spoken deep in the Andes. The Inkas were the worlds greatest goldsmiths and gold craftsman creating some of the greatest gold artifacts to this day. The Inkas adorned themselves in Gold so to have we adorned our Bottle in Gold.

Inca Gold

We work closely with the nature of the Andes and with Juancito who grows all of our quinoa, the co-founders adventurous spirit is inspired by their love for Peru and Each Other

Unique Process

The spirit of QURI vodka is one of respect. Respect for the people and land that are responsible for producing the greatest quinoa in the world. And respect for the painstaking process of distilling fine premium spirits.

The Grain


The process of crafting QURI starts with the world’s best quinoa, which we source from a Peruvian family farm(Juancito) located on Lake Titicaca and next to a dormant volcano. The quinoa is transported to our distillery where we initiate the process by hand milling, cooking, and mashing the grain.

The Fermentation

Five Yeast Strains

In our special 45 gallon fermenters, we utilize 5 different types of yeast in our fermentation process. These yeast strains were hand selected to develop a more robust flavor profile; as far as we know, we’re the only distillery in the world to utilize this specific fermentation technique.

Still Vector
The Distillation

Triple Distillation

We slow distill a total of 3 times. The first two take place in traditional copper pot configuration and contribute to the end product’s smooth finish. The third distillation takes place in a vodka column standing over 20 feet tall, which helps produce a purity up to 96%.

The Water

Andean Glacier Water

In order to proof the vodka down to 40%, we add perhaps our second most important ingredient, glacier water sourced from the Andes.

Andean Glacier
Dry vodka martini
The Polishing

Volcanic Stone

The final stage in our process is to drip filter the vodka over 3 days. This is done through two components: 1) an activated carbon taken from coconuts and used to purify drinking water; 2) volcanic stone sourced from the volcano located next to the aforementioned quinoa farm.

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