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High in the Andes of South America Quinoa is celebrated as Muru Quri, which means the Golden Grain in the ancient language of Quechua (now only spoken by a handful of people who live deep in the Mountains). This is where our Vodka gets its name QURI (signifying gold in Quechua). 


It is the idea that Quinoa is as precious as gold, which is why we have laced our bottle in beautiful shining gold.  The rays and dots covering your bottle of Quri are derived from the ancient accounting system, Quipu.  Quipus were a number of strings tied to a central knot.  Depending on which string the knot was placed, its distance from the center, its size and how it was tied determined its numeric value. 


Because Quinoa was given to us by Pachamama(Mother Earth) and was so important to the survival of the Incans they used Quipus to closely monitor their production and supply. 


It is this deep and rich culture that makes it our mission and duty to use the gifts of Pachamama to create a product that is produced of the Highest Quality in a Socially and Environmentally responsible way. 


5% of our profits of every bottle sold will go to helping educate the children of Pachamama in the Andean Mountains.