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Enjoy Your Moments with Quinoa-Based Peruvian Vodka


QURI Quinoa Peruvian Vodka provides the world’s most unique; human and environmentally conscious spirit. Quri is on a mission to better the lives of the people of the Andes, so we have pledged 5% of our net profits to help educate indigenous women of the Andes.

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Your bottle of Quri Quinoa Peruvian Vodka was not born when the seeds were sown in the rich valley soil, nor when the farmer collected the Quinoa grains high up amongst the glacier capped Peruvian Andes. In fact your bottle was not born in Perú at all, it was born with a spark, which became an eternal flame, that was lit when an American boy found a young Peruvian girl lying on a beach in Brazil.

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